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MetGIS at a Glance

  • highly detailed and small-scale weather forecasts
  • available in 8 languages for around 200 regions around the globe
  • includes remote trekking areas and the world’s highest mountains
  • innovative forecast techniques
  • interactive maps
  • for private and business customers

World-Wide Mountain Weather Forecasts

MetGIS is a powerful international weather forecast system, specialized on the automated production of extremely high-resolution meteorological forecast maps. We produce forecasts in 8 languages for around 200 regions and several hundred thousand cities, villages and summits around the globe, with several prediction updates a day.
For the first time, the construction of highly detailed forecast maps is possible, covering small-scale areas from ski resorts to expedition mountains in remote regions, with horizontal resolutions of 100 m and beyond.

Excellence in Visualization

Our interactive forecast maps provide the unique possibility of retrieving the weather prediction at ANY point of our maps, not only at the location of villages and cities (the common standard). The numerical values of the predicted parameters are always visible beside the respective position of the mouse cursor. Moreover, the weather development at points ("point forecasts") and along roads and alpine ascent routes (“route forecasts") can be accessed through simple mouse clicks at the relevant locations in the prediction maps.

Innovative Forecast Techniques

The expression MetGIS is comprised of the syllables “Met” (abbreviating Meteorology) and “GIS” (standing for Geographic Information System). This should point at one of the major features of MetGIS, the application of highly innovative forecast techniques, combining the output of numerical weather prediction models with extremely high resolution topographic data. Especially over mountainous terrain this results in a clear advantage of MetGIS compared to conventional meteorological forecast systems, since the exact altitude and location of forecast points enters the prediction process.

History of Origins of MetGIS

The MetGIS forecast system has been developed by research institutes, universities and meteorological forecast services of various countries.
Very specific expert knowledge, covering a wide range of fields such as of meteorology, snow science, geographic information systems and software engineering, allowed the construction of highly detailed forecasts. These were for a start (from 2007) only available to business customers, helping them to reduce the risks of weather-related accidents and/or to apply their resources in a more efficient way (and thus to increase their earnings). The highly positive response of these users encouraged us to stepwise increase the capabilities and the geographic coverage of our products.