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MetGIS Weather APIs

MetGIS Weather APIs allow business customers the quick integration of high resolution MetGIS forecast data into their own websites and apps, in graphical or numerical form. Weather predictions may be visualized according to individual wishes and requirements. Users of these application programming interfaces have access to the latest MetGIS forecast data.

The APIs are of high benefit for operators of geographic information platforms of any kind, especially if related to the mountains (outdoor and touring portals, etc.). They may also be of big importance for the tourist industry, route planning services, traffic operation centers, agricultural enterprises, insurance companies, online journals and so forth. The forecast data provided are also suited to drive numerical simulation models, such as those operated by hydrological services (flood warning), avalanche warning services and energy providers.

Users of MetGIS Weather APIs have automated access to the latest MetGIS forecasts over a predefined period of time.

Three kinds of API are available:

  • Point API delivers the temporal development of various weather parameters such as temperature, rain, fresh snow and wind at any desired location.
  • Maps API provides access to the weather forecast in form of prediction maps zoomable to big detail (horizontal resolutions of less than 100 m!).
  • Route API delivers forecasts of the weather development along roads, hiking trails and high alpine routes.

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