• Skiing on Arlberg
  • Geographic coverage of our forecast maps for the Arlberg
  • Example of a 7-day point forecast

The prediction maps for Arlberg focus on the region between Kloster Valley and Stanzer Valley. The Arlberg Skiing Region ranks among Europe‘s most renowned ski resorts and hosted the alpine ski world championships in 2001.

Prominent peaks: Valluga (2809 m), Rüfispitze (2632 m), Mohnenfluh (2542 m), Madlochspitze (2546 m), Rendelspitze (2816 m)

Selection of alpine destinations: Stierfall und Stierloch (Madlochspitze), Roggalspitze Nordkante

Important ski resorts: Stuben, Lech, St. Anton (Ski Arlberg)

Weather forecast for the Arlberg

Here you find an example of our interactive forecast map for the Arlberg!

You have access to forecast maps displaying various meteorological features such as temperature, wind, rain or fresh snow. This provides an excellent insight into the spatial weather development over the next few days, which includes approaching precipitation.

The data predicted for any location within the forecast maps is on display just beside the mouse cursor. This feature allows a precise meteorological forecast for locations off meteorological stations and settlements, for example for remote mountain regions.

Besides, you may generate high-quality 7-day-forecasts for specific locations (cities, villages, mountain refuges, alpine passes, peaks, etc.) just by clicking in the maps (Example).

After your purchase you may, after entering your access data on, conveniently check your ordered forecast maps.


  • Type of Forecast: forecast maps (area forecasts) and point forecasts (time series of the meteorological prediction for selected locations)
  • Forecast Range (time coverage of forecasts): 7 days, with 3-hour intervals between forecast times
  • Forecast Update: several times a day
  • Forecast Parameters: temperature, mode of precipitation, amount of precipitation and fresh snow for 3-hour intervals, snow line, wind; for many regions also degree of cloudiness and felt temperature
  • Simple usability and self-explaining user interface
  • Start of Subscription: immediately after placement of order
  • Standard Subscription: 1 month (ends automatically)
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