MetGIS GmbH is a meteorological service, which - in addition to standard weather predictions - provides extremely small-scale forecast maps for mountain regions worldwide. These maps cover a large number of ski resorts and backcountry touring areas as well as popular trekking, climbing and expedition destinations. You may profit from individualized forecasts for every single location within the forecast areas. This function is of particular importance if you work outdoors or practice outdoor sports in hilly or alpine regions off major urban areas.

This Online Shop is directed towards private persons interested in mountain weather, mountain hut hosts, mountain rescue organizations plus free-lance mountain sports instructors and guides (see terms, section 2.1).

Please click here, to see an example of our detailed interactive MetGIS forecast maps.

Explorer Packages

You have access to weather predictions for two forecast regions of your choice (one overview map and one small-scale map). This is our cheapest package option!

Complete Packages

All MetGIS prediction areas available within a larger region (country or mountain range) will be at your disposal.

Trekking Packages

You may subscribe to weather forecasts (both overview and detail maps) of popular trekking areas and easily accessible peaks.

Expedition Packages

Weather forecast maps for remote expedition destinations (from Mount Everest to Denali) are at your individual disposal.

Individual MetGIS Forecast Regions

Beside ordering packages (comprising two or more MetGIS regions), you also have the option to order forecast regions individually.

New Products

  • Alps Complete

    Alps Complete

    This package provides access to the complete range of high-precision MetGIS weather forecast maps currently generated for the Alps. It does not only include the packages Austria Complete and Switzerland Complete, but also detailed prediction maps for other countries sharing alpine territories....

    € 399,-
    Incl. 20% Tax Details
  • Switzerland Complete

    Switzerland Complete

    This weather forecast package addresses users who are interested in the complete set of MetGIS weather forecast maps currently generated for Switzerland.

    € 18,90
    Incl. 20% Tax Details
  • Austria Complete

    Austria Complete

    This comprehensive MetGIS weather prediction package provides access to the complete range of highly precise weather forecast maps available for Austria. This product is specially designed for mobile users who require weather data for various regions.

    Regular Price: € 499,-

    Special Price € 399,-

    Incl. 20% Tax Details