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MetGIS combines exact weather models and terrain data and thus creates ultra-precise forecasts. With a resolution of up to 30 m MetGIS forecasts are among the best in the world. For you this means: Better decisions, targeted actions and new opportunities.

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API for professional demands

Integrate weather forecasts with a resolution of up to 30 m quickly & easily into your systems. More info > Point Api >

Weather layers for Google Maps & co

Embed extremely detailed weather layers (tiles) into web projects, apps and GIS. More info & demo >

Historic weather data

We reconstruct weather data for the required coordinates or areas worldwide. More info >

Interactive forecast map

Extremely detailed map for your particular area, 24/7 available online. Example >

Consultancy & expert opinion

We prepare expert opinions for court cases and offer consultancy for tenders & projects (meteorology, snow, avalanches, environment).

PDF weather reports via email

Receive clear reports including current and future weather conditions. Example (customizable) >


Websites, apps & info screens

Inspire your users with precise and reliable weather data (API). Info & documentation >

Winter tourism & ski regions

Benefit from exact mountain weather forecasts: Our services for a successful winter season >

Avalanche warning services

Assess the danger of avalanches, issue warnings in time and perform blasting works.

Civil protection & disaster control

Exact forecasts for better risk assessment regarding floodings, forest fires and mudslides.

Energy (solar, wind, hydro)

Forecast energy production, grid capacity and electricity price trends even better.

Road operators, railway & logistics

Plan maintenance work and snow removal, control traffic and avoid accidents. Get in touch >

Open-pit mining

Optimize your mining operations, improve productivity and employee safety. Find out more >

Agriculture & smart farming

Increase your yield per hectare, reduce crop failures and the use of pesticide and fertiliser.

Expedition teams & organizers

Consultancy, forecast maps & messages (sat phone) for better planning and less risk. Packages & pricing >


Forecast maps for outdoor fanatics

Choose your forecast region from over 200 regions worldwide (Seven Summits, Himalaya, Antarctica & many more). Online shop for forecasts maps >

Weather for >60.000 European peaks

Examples: Großglockner, Mont Blanc Schellkopf, Skålvassfjellet, Sternsküppel, Goli hrib


Ultra-precise weather forecasts

Resolution of up to 30 m - no comparison to conventional, less accurate forecasts!

Optimized for mountain regions

Perfect for mountainous and remote regions worldwide - thanks to extremely detailed geographical data!

Faster, more flexible and reliable

Best service: Please compare us to other providers!


The most successful weather and outdoor portals as well as numerous apps

Leading international corporations (energy, mining, tourism, ...)

Public institutions, universities, road operators, civil protection and many more

     Or call us directly: +43 (0)1 890 90 32