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MetGIS Light

  • Simplified product version to get a glance of MetGIS
  • World-wide mountain weather forecasts in supreme quality
  • Free access via, no password required

Do you love the great outdoors and need excellent weather predictions for planning your leisure and mountain sports activities, no matter if in your region or if travelling abroad? Then MetGIS Light will provide you with valuable support!

This product version is tailor-made for all those who would like to profit from free access to supreme-quality MetGIS forecasts and want to get a first impression of our predictions. You can conveniently retrieve MetGIS Light forecasts via, without the need of introducing a password.

In contrast to MetGIS Pro and MetGIS Basic, MetGIS Light only gives access to a limited number of functions and display features (check the reference table). Moreover, many forecast regions included in MetGIS Pro and MetGIS Basic are not covered at all by the Light-Version, particularly the small-scale, extra high resolution mountain areas.