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MetGIS Basic

  • World-wide mountain weather forecasts for private users, available via our webshop
  • Larger scope of functions and longer forecast range than in MetGIS Light
  • Access also to most of our small-scale and extra high resolution forecast regions

This product is the ideal tool for everybody interested in highly detailed weather forecasts for planning mountain-related activities. This includes hikers, alpine skiers, ski tourers, international travelers and members of expeditions to remote mountain- and trekking regions (from the Himalayas to the Andes).

Compared to MetGIS Light, MetGIS Basic comes up with a number of advantages:

  • - You also have access to most of our extra small-scale weather forecast maps for mountain areas around the world. These cover numerous well-known ski and ski touring areas, popular expedition and trekking mountains, and climbing routes.
  • - In the forecast maps you can retrieve the weather prediction for each specific map location individually. This function is a special advantage for all users who work or practice sports in mountainous or hilly terrain off the settled areas.
  • - The forecast range is 7 days (instead of 2 days with MetGIS Light).

To see an extensive comparison between our product versions MetGIS Light, Basic and Pro, please click here.

MetGIS Basic may essentially just be acquired for private use!

An exception of this rule applies for members of the following professional categories and associations: mountain rescue services, hut keepers, free-lance ski-, snowboard- and cross-country ski instructors, mountain- and climbing guides. These are allowed to use MetGIS Basic within their specific professional activity. For more detailed information concerning the commercial use of MetGIS Basic, see section 2 of our terms and conditions.

You can order all MetGIS Basic forecast products via our webshop. After your purchase you receive an email with a password that can be used to access our website and screen the up-to-date prediction information for all your ordered forecast regions.

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