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Product Comparison

Comparison of the most important features of the products MetGIS Light, MetGIS Basic and MetGIS Pro

Feature MetGIS Light MetGIS Basic MetGIS Pro
Category of Clients no restrictions only private customers (exceptions: see our terms and conditions, section 2.2) business customers
Cost currently free depends on the ordered forecast maps; check the MetGIS Webshop depends on the specific service
Forecast access
possible without entering a password password-protected (obtain password in MetGIS Webshop) password-protected (please contact us directly to receive your password)
Support not guaranteed by email by email und telephone, promptly
Forecast service active since 2013 2014 2007
Number of forecast areas that can be viewed ca. 60 ca. 150 ca. 200,
(and more areas available on request)
Forecast range 2 days 7 days 7-15 days
Forecast update frequency 1-2 per day 1-2 per day 4 per day
Interval between two forecast times 3-6 hours 3 hours 1-3 hours
Tailor-made setup of forecast areas no no yes
Forecast values available at any point of the maps („Mouse Over-Effect“) no yes yes
Customized point forecasts after mouse click in maps available no yes yes
Customized route forecasts available no no yes
Information about forecast probabilities possible no no yes
Number of forecast parameters available ≥ 2 (temperature and precipitation, …) ≥ 4 (temperature, precipitation, snowfall, wind, …) ≥ 6 (standard parameters and individual parameters)
Forecast model used as base for MetGIS forecasts GFS GFS, WRF (depending on the forecast region) GFS, WRF and others (even such provided by the users)
Time availability of forecasts Lowest priority (forecasts calculated after those for paying customers) Medium priority Highest priority (forecasts will be calculated first)